[Vm-dev] FileHandleTest>>#testTruncate Pharo test case for FilePlugin/ CogVM on 64bit linux

Markus Fritsche mfritsche at reauktion.de
Fri Jul 13 17:59:37 UTC 2018


been there, done that. After having a ping pong game with the GL
dependencies on ubuntu 18.04, I finally got it to build. The standard
version wasn't able to open my images (hung), but I did verify my change
using the debug build, which was able to start up properly given my
Pharo 6.1 image.

Thanks for the support,

On 03.07.2018 10:36, Alistair Grant wrote:

> After checking out the source code, there are HowToBuild files in each
> of the platform directories, e.g. build.linux64x64/HowToBuild.

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