[Vm-dev] VM Maker: VMMaker.oscog-cb.2448.mcz

Craig Latta craig at blackpagedigital.com
Fri Oct 5 12:35:11 UTC 2018

     Clément writes:

> At 20Gb among 40 compaction pauses on a benchmark, I had 37 under 8ms
> and 3 >1 sec because of these lilliputian free chunks. Now rebenching
> but preliminary results show that everything should be below 10ms now
> :-)


> The name lilliputian is chosen for multiple reasons:
> - lilliputian people are very small, like these smallest free chunks
> - complex logic specifically for these very small chunks looks
> complete non sense to me, like the recent British politic (see
> Brexit), and lilliputian people are in the book a parody of British
> politics.

     I want to attend the cocktail party where all the accumulated
references in the OpenSmalltalk VM are used in the smalltalk. :)


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