[Vm-dev] [OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm] Add minheadless vm (#298)

Esteban Lorenzano notifications at github.com
Sun Oct 28 09:45:06 UTC 2018

adds the minheadless sources from @ronsaldo + my own changes. 
this is still WIP (is working for Mac and Linux but not for Win), but to be honest, I want this integrated before the structure reorganisation so I do not need to do it myself *after* ;)

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-- Commit Summary --

  * Starting to make a build without the windowing stuff.
  * Merge branch 'Cog' of github.com:OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm into MinimalisticHeadless
  * I am starting to load a basic image with the minimalistic vm (crashing).
  * Oops.
  * I keep doing this refactoring.
  * The completely headless VM is starting to work in Linux.
  * Now I am building more plugins.
  * I am starting to implement a SDL2 based Window backend for compatibility.
  * The SDL2 based window backend is now usable.
  * I am starting to compile the VM using Visual Studio in Windows (via projects generated by CMake).
  * The minimalistic headless VM is starting to work in Windows.
  * I keep working on making this work on Windows.
  * Minor change.
  * I am cleaning the Win32 security plugin unicode mess.
  * I added the missing files from the previous commit.
  * Merge branch 'MinimalisticHeadless' of github.com:ronsaldo/opensmalltalk-vm into MinimalisticHeadless
  * Adding some const to char*.
  * I am starting to generate the config.h using CMake.
  * Oops, missing file from the last commit.
  * I am starting to generate the config.h. Building and working in Linux.
  * Only use the -pthread option in Unixes.
  * I managed to get the FFI working back with MinGW. I was missing some flags in the CMake scripts. I still need to get this working with MSVC.
  * Minor change to the cmake files.
  * Minor changes for OSX.
  * Merge branch 'MinimalisticHeadless' of github.com:ronsaldo/opensmalltalk-vm into MinimalisticHeadless
  * The minheadless VM is now working on OS X.
  * Minheadless VM is now working on Windows with SDL2.
  * Oops.
  * I refactored the windowing system for choosing between the null window system and the SDL2 based system depending wheter the VM was executed in headless mode or not.
  * I keep working on the SDL2 backend.
  * Use a SDL2 hint instead of restoring the signal handlers for sigint and sigterm.
  * I added missing flags to the cmake building scripts.
  * I implemented legacy file dropping support  with the SDL2 backend.
  * I started to create the initial version of the embedding interface.
  * I added back some floating point flags to the minheadless vm.
  * I added back the processor relinquishing in the Windows Minheadless vm.
  * I fixed a minor bug when using the SDL2 based window and Alt-Gr+Key combination.
  * Merge branch 'Cog' into MinimalisticHeadless
  * Merge branch 'MinimalisticHeadless' of github.com:ronsaldo/opensmalltalk-vm into MinimalisticHeadless
  * I refactored the locations of the files composing the minheadless favlour of the VM.
  * I removed the old FFI workaround in Windows.
  * I fixed the VirtualProtect failure in Windows. The size was not being computed in the correct way.
  * I fixed the errors when calling mprotect with the spur memory manager.
  * Oops.
  * I added back the stack trace printing to the Unix version of the Minheadless favlour.
  * I fixed the stack trace printing in OS X when in the Minheadless favlour.
  * I added back the stack trace to the Windows version of the Minheadless VM Favlour.
  * Swapping some lines before mprotect call.
  * I fixed some compilation errors with the original Windows compilation scripts. I added some convenience scripts for building the different variants.
  * Merge branch 'MinimalisticHeadless' of github.com:ronsaldo/opensmalltalk-vm into MinimalisticHeadless
  * I added some missing execution permissions.
  * Fixing the building of some VM variants when using CMake for the minheadless VM.
  * Set more lf eol attributes.
  * I am fixing the build scripts for Cygwin.
  * Restore the OpenGL context whenever we use a SDL2 renderer in legacy display mode.
  * Removing the hack for getting the Git version string by using CMake.
  * Merge branch 'Cog' into MinimalisticHeadless
  * Adding missing toolchain files.
  * Cleaning a bit the coding style. Fixing a bug after merging the upstream Cog branch.
  * Use the osvm prefix instead of squeak for the public interface.
  * Merge branch 'MinimalisticHeadless' of github.com:ronsaldo/opensmalltalk-vm into MinimalisticHeadless
  * Fixing some coding style issues.
  * Merge pull request #1 from ronsaldo/MinimalisticHeadless
  * makefiles for build minheadless on macOS
  * pharo minheadless for macOS (i386 and x86) working
  * Adding the rest of the Pharo plugins to the cmake building scripts.
  * Merge pull request #2 from ronsaldo/add-minheadless-vm
  * pharo minheadless for linux (i386 and x86) threaded hearbeat working
  * Merge branch 'Cog' of github.com:OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm into add-minheadless-vm
  * fixes
  * Merge branch 'Cog' into add-minheadless-vm
  * Merge branch 'Cog' of github.com:OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm into add-minheadless-vm
  * Merge branch 'Cog' into add-minheadless-vm
  * Merge branch 'Cog' of github.com:OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm into add-minheadless-vm
  * Merge branch 'Cog' of github.com:OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm into add-minheadless-vm
  * Merge branch 'Cog' of github.com:OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm into add-minheadless-vm
  * Merge branch 'Cog' of github.com:OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm into add-minheadless-vm
  * Merge branch 'Cog' of github.com:OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm into add-minheadless-vm
  * Merge branch 'Cog' of github.com:OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm into add-minheadless-vm
  * Merge branch 'Cog' of github.com:OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm into add-minheadless-vm
  * Merge branch 'Cog' of github.com:OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm into add-minheadless-vm
  * Merge branch 'Cog' of github.com:OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm into add-minheadless-vm
  * update freetype to 2.9.1
  * update libSDL to 2.0.7
  * Merge branch 'Cog' of github.com:OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm into add-minheadless-vm
  * update paths
  * Merge branch 'update-libsdl-and-freetype' into add-minheadless-vm
  * Merge branch 'Cog' of github.com:OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm into add-minheadless-vm
  * Merge branch 'Cog' of github.com:OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm into add-minheadless-vm

-- File Changes --

    A .clang_complete (9)
    M .gitattributes (3)
    A CMakeLists.txt (559)
    A build.linux32x86/pharo.cog.spur.minheadless/build.assert.itimerheartbeat/mvm (37)
    A build.linux32x86/pharo.cog.spur.minheadless/build.assert/mvm (50)
    A build.linux32x86/pharo.cog.spur.minheadless/build.debug.itimerheartbeat/mvm (37)
    A build.linux32x86/pharo.cog.spur.minheadless/build.itimerheartbeat/mvm (60)
    A build.linux32x86/pharo.cog.spur.minheadless/build/mvm (51)
    A build.linux32x86/pharo.cog.spur.minheadless/makeallclean (15)
    A build.linux32x86/pharo.cog.spur.minheadless/makealldirty (15)
    A build.linux64x64/pharo.cog.spur.minheadless/build.assert.itimerheartbeat/mvm (37)
    A build.linux64x64/pharo.cog.spur.minheadless/build.assert/mvm (41)
    A build.linux64x64/pharo.cog.spur.minheadless/build.debug.itimerheartbeat/mvm (37)
    A build.linux64x64/pharo.cog.spur.minheadless/build.debug/mvm (41)
    A build.linux64x64/pharo.cog.spur.minheadless/build.itimerheartbeat/mvm (60)
    A build.linux64x64/pharo.cog.spur.minheadless/build/mvm (41)
    A build.linux64x64/pharo.cog.spur.minheadless/makeallclean (15)
    A build.linux64x64/pharo.cog.spur.minheadless/makealldirty (15)
    A build.macos32x86/common.minheadless/Makefile.app (190)
    A build.macos32x86/common.minheadless/Makefile.app.newspeak (29)
    A build.macos32x86/common.minheadless/Makefile.app.squeak (22)
    A build.macos32x86/common.minheadless/Makefile.clangversion (26)
    A build.macos32x86/common.minheadless/Makefile.flags (56)
    A build.macos32x86/common.minheadless/Makefile.lib.extra (33)
    A build.macos32x86/common.minheadless/Makefile.plugin (243)
    A build.macos32x86/common.minheadless/Makefile.rules (34)
    A build.macos32x86/common.minheadless/Makefile.sources (24)
    A build.macos32x86/common.minheadless/Makefile.vm (299)
    A build.macos32x86/common.minheadless/mkInternalPluginsList.sh (11)
    A build.macos32x86/common.minheadless/mkNamedPrims.sh (24)
    A build.macos32x86/pharo.cog.spur.minheadless/Makefile (35)
    A build.macos32x86/pharo.cog.spur.minheadless/mvm (32)
    A build.macos32x86/pharo.cog.spur.minheadless/plugins.ext (27)
    A build.macos32x86/pharo.cog.spur.minheadless/plugins.int (28)
    A build.minheadless.cmake/x64/common/Toolchain-mingw32-cygwin.cmake (21)
    A build.minheadless.cmake/x64/common/configure_variant.sh (18)
    A build.minheadless.cmake/x64/pharo.cog.spur/Makefile (18)
    A build.minheadless.cmake/x64/pharo.cog.spur/mvm (4)
    A build.minheadless.cmake/x64/pharo.cog.spur/mvm_configure (6)
    A build.minheadless.cmake/x64/pharo.cog.spur/mvm_configure_variant (4)
    A build.minheadless.cmake/x64/pharo.stack.spur/Makefile (18)
    A build.minheadless.cmake/x64/pharo.stack.spur/mvm (4)
    A build.minheadless.cmake/x64/pharo.stack.spur/mvm_configure (6)
    A build.minheadless.cmake/x64/pharo.stack.spur/mvm_configure_variant (4)
    A build.minheadless.cmake/x64/squeak.cog.spur/Makefile (18)
    A build.minheadless.cmake/x64/squeak.cog.spur/mvm (4)
    A build.minheadless.cmake/x64/squeak.cog.spur/mvm_configure (6)
    A build.minheadless.cmake/x64/squeak.cog.spur/mvm_configure_variant (4)
    A build.minheadless.cmake/x64/squeak.stack.spur/Makefile (18)
    A build.minheadless.cmake/x64/squeak.stack.spur/mvm (4)
    A build.minheadless.cmake/x64/squeak.stack.spur/mvm_configure (6)
    A build.minheadless.cmake/x64/squeak.stack.spur/mvm_configure_variant (4)
    A build.minheadless.cmake/x86/common/Toolchain-mingw32-cygwin.cmake (21)
    A build.minheadless.cmake/x86/common/configure_variant.sh (24)
    A build.minheadless.cmake/x86/pharo.cog.spur/Makefile (18)
    A build.minheadless.cmake/x86/pharo.cog.spur/mvm (4)
    A build.minheadless.cmake/x86/pharo.cog.spur/mvm_configure (6)
    A build.minheadless.cmake/x86/pharo.cog.spur/mvm_configure_variant (4)
    A build.minheadless.cmake/x86/pharo.stack.spur/Makefile (18)
    A build.minheadless.cmake/x86/pharo.stack.spur/mvm (4)
    A build.minheadless.cmake/x86/pharo.stack.spur/mvm_configure (6)
    A build.minheadless.cmake/x86/pharo.stack.spur/mvm_configure_variant (4)
    A build.minheadless.cmake/x86/squeak.cog.spur/Makefile (18)
    A build.minheadless.cmake/x86/squeak.cog.spur/mvm (4)
    A build.minheadless.cmake/x86/squeak.cog.spur/mvm_configure (6)
    A build.minheadless.cmake/x86/squeak.cog.spur/mvm_configure_variant (4)
    A build.minheadless.cmake/x86/squeak.stack.spur/Makefile (18)
    A build.minheadless.cmake/x86/squeak.stack.spur/mvm (4)
    A build.minheadless.cmake/x86/squeak.stack.spur/mvm_configure (6)
    A build.minheadless.cmake/x86/squeak.stack.spur/mvm_configure_variant (4)
    A cmake/Mpeg3Plugin.cmake (44)
    A cmake/Plugins.cmake (119)
    A cmake/PluginsPharo.cmake (59)
    A include/OpenSmalltalkVM.h (148)
    M platforms/Cross/vm/sq.h (12)
    M platforms/Cross/vm/sqAssert.h (43)
    A platforms/Cross/vm/sqCircularQueue.h (62)
    A platforms/Cross/vm/sqPath.c (135)
    A platforms/Cross/vm/sqPath.h (42)
    A platforms/Cross/vm/sqTextEncoding.c (191)
    A platforms/Cross/vm/sqTextEncoding.h (39)
    A platforms/iOS/plugins/FilePlugin/Makefile (3)
    A platforms/iOS/plugins/FilePlugin/sqUnixFile.c (361)
    D platforms/iOS/plugins/SecurityPlugin/sqMacSecurity.c (272)
    A platforms/iOS/plugins/SecurityPlugin/sqUnixSecurity.c (208)
    A platforms/minheadless/common/English.lproj/Newspeak-Localizable.strings (3)
    A platforms/minheadless/common/English.lproj/Pharo-Localizable.strings (3)
    A platforms/minheadless/common/English.lproj/Squeak-Localizable.strings (9)
    A platforms/minheadless/common/debug.h (6)
    A platforms/minheadless/common/glibc.h (37)
    A platforms/minheadless/common/mac-alias.inc (42)
    A platforms/minheadless/common/sqConfig.h (21)
    A platforms/minheadless/common/sqEventCommon.c (50)
    A platforms/minheadless/common/sqEventCommon.h (64)
    A platforms/minheadless/common/sqExternalPrimitives.c (252)
    A platforms/minheadless/common/sqExternalPrimitives.c.orig (241)
    A platforms/minheadless/common/sqInternalPrimitives.c (74)
    A platforms/minheadless/common/sqMain.c (34)
    A platforms/minheadless/common/sqNamedPrims.h (1)
    A platforms/minheadless/common/sqPlatformSpecific.h (43)
    A platforms/minheadless/common/sqPlatformSpecificCommon.h (71)
    A platforms/minheadless/common/sqPrinting.c (313)
    A platforms/minheadless/common/sqVirtualMachineInterface.c (654)
    A platforms/minheadless/common/sqWindow-Dispatch.c (286)
    A platforms/minheadless/common/sqWindow-Null.c (271)
    A platforms/minheadless/common/sqWindow.h (81)
    A platforms/minheadless/common/sqaio.h (125)
    A platforms/minheadless/common/version.c (25)
    A platforms/minheadless/config.h.in (192)
    A platforms/minheadless/generic/sqPlatformSpecific-Generic.c (270)
    A platforms/minheadless/generic/sqPlatformSpecific-Generic.h (1)
    A platforms/minheadless/sdl2-window/sqWindow-SDL2.c (1186)
    A platforms/minheadless/unix/BlueSistaSqueak.icns (0)
    A platforms/minheadless/unix/GreenCogSqueak.icns (0)
    A platforms/minheadless/unix/NewspeakDocuments.icns (0)
    A platforms/minheadless/unix/NewspeakVirtualMachine.icns (0)
    A platforms/minheadless/unix/Pharo-Info.plist (538)
    A platforms/minheadless/unix/Pharo.icns (0)
    A platforms/minheadless/unix/PharoChanges.icns (0)
    A platforms/minheadless/unix/PharoImage.icns (0)
    A platforms/minheadless/unix/PharoSources.icns (0)
    A platforms/minheadless/unix/Squeak.icns (0)
    A platforms/minheadless/unix/SqueakChanges.icns (0)
    A platforms/minheadless/unix/SqueakGeneric.icns (0)
    A platforms/minheadless/unix/SqueakImage.icns (0)
    A platforms/minheadless/unix/SqueakPlugin.icns (0)
    A platforms/minheadless/unix/SqueakProject.icns (0)
    A platforms/minheadless/unix/SqueakScript.icns (0)
    A platforms/minheadless/unix/SqueakSources.icns (0)
    A platforms/minheadless/unix/aioUnix.c (438)
    A platforms/minheadless/unix/sqPlatformSpecific-Unix.c (698)
    A platforms/minheadless/unix/sqPlatformSpecific-Unix.h (128)
    A platforms/minheadless/unix/sqUnixCharConv.c (474)
    A platforms/minheadless/unix/sqUnixCharConv.h (60)
    A platforms/minheadless/unix/sqUnixHeartbeat.c (410)
    A platforms/minheadless/unix/sqUnixMemory.c (369)
    A platforms/minheadless/unix/sqUnixSpurMemory.c (221)
    A platforms/minheadless/unix/sqUnixThreads.c (244)
    A platforms/minheadless/windows/sqGnu.h (189)
    A platforms/minheadless/windows/sqPlatformSpecific-Win32.c (680)
    A platforms/minheadless/windows/sqPlatformSpecific-Win32.h (188)
    A platforms/minheadless/windows/sqWin32.h (19)
    A platforms/minheadless/windows/sqWin32Alloc.c (207)
    A platforms/minheadless/windows/sqWin32Alloc.h (32)
    A platforms/minheadless/windows/sqWin32Backtrace.c (631)
    A platforms/minheadless/windows/sqWin32Backtrace.h (8)
    A platforms/minheadless/windows/sqWin32Common.c (42)
    A platforms/minheadless/windows/sqWin32Directory.c (419)
    A platforms/minheadless/windows/sqWin32HandleTable.h (127)
    A platforms/minheadless/windows/sqWin32Heartbeat.c (479)
    A platforms/minheadless/windows/sqWin32Main.c (43)
    A platforms/minheadless/windows/sqWin32SpurAlloc.c (292)
    A platforms/minheadless/windows/sqWin32Threads.c (272)
    A platforms/minheadless/windows/sqWin32Time.c (149)
    M platforms/win32/plugins/FilePlugin/sqWin32File.h (1)
    M platforms/win32/plugins/FilePlugin/sqWin32FilePrims.c (23)
    M platforms/win32/plugins/SecurityPlugin/sqWin32Security.c (191)
    M platforms/win32/plugins/SocketPlugin/sqWin32NewNet.c (1)
    M platforms/win32/vm/sqPlatformSpecific.h (6)
    M platforms/win32/vm/sqWin32Window.c (10)
    M spursrc/vm/cogit.h (2)
    M spursrc/vm/cogitIA32.c (2)
    M spursrc/vm/cointerp.c (2)
    M third-party/freetype2.spec (15)
    M third-party/libsdl2.spec (16)

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