[Vm-dev] Why Aren’t More Users More Happy With Our VMs?

Stefan Marr smalltalk at stefan-marr.de
Thu Sep 20 15:26:13 UTC 2018


> On 20 Sep 2018, at 10:02, Tobias Pape <Das.Linux at gmx.de> wrote:
> Have a look at SMark, which tries to give a reasonable benchmark set set.
> http://smalltalkhub.com/#!/~StefanMarr/SMark

As the author of SMark, I cannot recommend to still use it.

Instead, I’d highly recommend https://github.com/smarr/are-we-fast-yet/tree/master/benchmarks/Smalltalk
While it uses file syntax for the benchmarks, there is support for Squeak/Pharo, too.

SMark should be avoided because its methodology is flawed (especially considering the context of the blog post).
The benchmarks in the Are We Fast Yet project are also larger and thus a little more representative.

Best regards

Stefan Marr
School of Computing, University of Kent

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