[Vm-dev] Alien/FFI issue with large struct passed as value and how to load vmmaker?

Holger Freyther holger at freyther.de
Wed Apr 3 14:36:31 UTC 2019


Sorry if this sounds ignorant but I am not sure how to do this with Opensmalltalk VM. How do I get a working VMMaker loaded into a Pharo image these days? It was quite simple in the pharo-vm days but now I am not even sure where to start looking?

I want to debug a FFI problem I see with Ben's clang-c bindings. I get a callback from C with three arguments and one of them is of type CXCursor (it needs to be passed on the stack):

struct CXCursor {
	void *ptr[3];

It's represented as FFIExternalStructure subclass: #CXCursor. In the case of the callback the handle is an instance of FFIExternalStructureReferenceHandle with an Alien embedded into it.

I am trying to understand if the bug is on handling the callback when the CXCursor is created or when trying to push it onto the stack when making a call.

The memory on the stack is turned into an Alien. And Alien>>#referenceStructAt:length: doesn't return a ByteArray but the FFIExternalStructureReferenceHandle with the Alien in it.

At the same time I think FFIPlugin>>#ffiPushStructureContentsOf: doesn't seem to deal with FFIExternalStructureReferencehandle (or handle being an Alien).

Or do I chase it from the wrong end?


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