[Vm-dev] [OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm] Cross-platform differences for CTRL keys (#456)

Guille Polito notifications at github.com
Thu Dec 26 10:36:03 UTC 2019

Moreover, as soon as we are outside the "occidental" keyboard mappings, the one key -> one letter mapping becomes false :). For example, the character 腕 is a single character and has a single unicode code point. Thus, it comes as a single keypress/keychar event from the vm point of view.
However, I had to make several key presses: u + d + e + space + enter. So using text events to drive shortcuts and recognise wether a key was pressed or not falls short very quickly ^^. So recognizing wether I was pressing ctrl or alt during that character is far from obvious...

(then there is also integration with the system's IME, but that's another story...)

Sorry if I'm a bit offtopic

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