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Sat Dec 28 03:44:08 UTC 2019

Eliot Miranda uploaded a new version of VMMaker to project VM Maker:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: VMMaker.oscog-eem.2639
Author: eem
Time: 27 December 2019, 7:43:55.854755 pm
UUID: 57f623a3-5133-4554-8f54-01e80e1239cb
Ancestors: VMMaker.oscog-eem.2638

Print a mehtod's methodClass (name) in the list of cog methods.
Close any open debuggers on the VM simulator when closing the simulaiton window.
Always ask whether to skip a run-time call when click-stepping.
Add a proceed click to click-step.

=============== Diff against VMMaker.oscog-eem.2638 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: CoInterpreter>>printCogMethod: (in category 'debug printing') -----
  printCogMethod: cogMethod
  	<var: #cogMethod type: #'CogMethod *'>
  	| address primitive |
  	self cCode: ''
  			[self transcript ensureCr.
  			 cogMethod isInteger ifTrue:
  				[^self printCogMethod: (self cCoerceSimple: cogMethod to: #'CogMethod *')]].
  	address := cogMethod asInteger.
  	self printHex: address;
  		print: ' <-> ';
  		printHex: address + cogMethod blockSize.
  	cogMethod cmType = CMMethod ifTrue:
  		[self print: ': method: ';
  			printHex: cogMethod methodObject.
  		 primitive := self primitiveIndexOfMethod: cogMethod methodObject
  							header: cogMethod methodHeader.
  		 primitive ~= 0 ifTrue:
+ 			[self print: ' prim '; printNum: primitive].
+ 		 ((objectMemory addressCouldBeObj: cogMethod methodObject)
+ 		 and: [objectMemory addressCouldBeObj: (self methodClassOf: cogMethod methodObject)]) ifTrue:
+ 			[self space; printNameOfClass: (self methodClassOf: cogMethod methodObject) count: 2]].
- 			[self print: ' prim '; printNum: primitive]].
  	cogMethod cmType = CMBlock ifTrue:
  		[self print: ': block home: ';
  			printHex: (self cCoerceSimple: cogMethod to: #'CogBlockMethod *') cmHomeMethod asUnsignedInteger].
  	cogMethod cmType = CMClosedPIC ifTrue:
  		[self print: ': Closed PIC N: ';
  			printHex: cogMethod cPICNumCases].
  	cogMethod cmType = CMOpenPIC ifTrue:
  		[self print: ': Open PIC '].
  	self print: ' selector: '; printHex: cogMethod selector.
  	cogMethod selector = objectMemory nilObject
  		ifTrue: [| s |
  			(cogMethod cmType = CMMethod
  			 and: [(s := self maybeSelectorOfMethod: cogMethod methodObject) notNil])
  				ifTrue: [self print: ' (nil: '; printStringOf: s; print: ')']
  				ifFalse: [self print: ' (nil)']]
  		ifFalse: [self space; printStringOf: cogMethod selector].
  	self cr!

Item was added:
+ ----- Method: CogMethodZone>>addressIsLikelyCogMethod: (in category 'testing') -----
+ addressIsLikelyCogMethod: address
+ 	<doNotGenerate>
+ 	(address anyMask: (self roundUpLength: 1) - 1) ifTrue:
+ 		[^false].
+ 	(self oop: address isGreaterThanOrEqualTo: cogit minCogMethodAddress andLessThan: mzFreeStart) ifFalse:
+ 		[^false].
+ 	^(objectMemory baseHeader: address) = objectMemory nullHeaderForMachineCodeMethod!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: CogVMSimulator>>close (in category 'initialization') -----
  close  "close any files that ST may have opened, etc"
  	pluginList do: [:assoc| | plugin | plugin := assoc value. plugin ~~ self ifTrue: [plugin close]].
+ 	"Ugh; at least some of this code belongs in the UI..."
- 	"Ugh; this code belongs in the UI"
  	World submorphs do:
  		(submorph model isVMObjectInspector
  		 and: [submorph model coInterpreter == self]) ifTrue:
+ 			[submorph delete].
+ 		(submorph model isDebugger
+ 		 and: [submorph model interruptedProcess suspendedContext findContextSuchThat:
+ 					[:ctxt|
+ 					(ctxt receiver == cogit
+ 					 and: [ctxt selector == #simulateCogCodeAt:])
+ 					or: [ctxt receiver == self
+ 					 and: [ctxt selector == #interpret]]]]) notNil ifTrue:
  			[submorph delete]]!

Item was added:
+ ----- Method: CogVMSimulator>>printCallStack (in category 'debug printing') -----
+ printCallStack
+ 	<inline: false>
+ 	cogit headFramePointer
+ 		ifNil: [self printCallStackOf: (objectMemory fetchPointer: SuspendedContextIndex ofObject: self activeProcess)]
+ 		ifNotNil: [:fp| self printCallStackFP: fp]!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: CogVMSimulator>>printChar: (in category 'debug printing') -----
  printChar: aByte
+ 	traceOn ifTrue:
+ 		[(aByte between: 0 and: 255)
+ 			ifTrue: [transcript nextPut: aByte asCharacter]
+ 			ifFalse: [transcript nextPutAll: 'BAD CHARACTER '.
+ 					aByte printOn: transcript base: 16]]!
- 	traceOn ifTrue: [ transcript nextPut: aByte asCharacter ].!

Item was added:
+ ----- Method: CogVMSimulator>>printStackCallStack (in category 'debug printing') -----
+ printStackCallStack
+ 	<doNotGenerate>
+ 	self printStackCallStackOf: cogit headFramePointer!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Cogit>>handleABICallOrJumpSimulationTrap:evaluable: (in category 'simulation only') -----
  handleABICallOrJumpSimulationTrap: aProcessorSimulationTrap evaluable: evaluable
  	self assert: aProcessorSimulationTrap type = #call.
  		simulateLeafCallOf: aProcessorSimulationTrap address
  		nextpc: aProcessorSimulationTrap nextpc
  		memory: coInterpreter memory.
  	self recordInstruction: {'(simulated call of '. aProcessorSimulationTrap address. '/'. evaluable selector. ')'}.
+ 	clickConfirm ifTrue:
- 	((printRegisters or: [printInstructions]) and: [clickConfirm]) ifTrue:
   		[(self confirm: 'skip run-time call?') ifFalse:
  			[clickConfirm := false. self halt]].
  	evaluable valueWithArguments: (processor
  										postCallArgumentsNumArgs: evaluable numArgs
  										in: coInterpreter memory).
  	self recordInstruction: {'(simulated return to '. processor retpcIn: coInterpreter memory. ')'}.
  		smashABICallerSavedRegistersWithValuesFrom: 16r80000000 by: objectMemory wordSize;
  		simulateLeafReturnIn: coInterpreter memory!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Cogit>>handleCallOrJumpSimulationTrap: (in category 'simulation only') -----
  handleCallOrJumpSimulationTrap: aProcessorSimulationTrap
  	| evaluable function memory result savedFramePointer savedStackPointer savedArgumentCount leaf retpc |
  	evaluable := simulatedTrampolines
  					at: aProcessorSimulationTrap address
  					ifAbsent: [self errorProcessingSimulationTrap: aProcessorSimulationTrap
  								in: simulatedTrampolines].
  	function := evaluable isBlock
  					ifTrue: ['aBlock; probably some plugin primitive']
  						[evaluable receiver == backEnd ifTrue:
  							[^self handleABICallOrJumpSimulationTrap: aProcessorSimulationTrap evaluable: evaluable].
  						 evaluable selector].
  	function ~~ #ceBaseFrameReturn: ifTrue:
  		[coInterpreter assertValidExternalStackPointers].
  	(backEnd wantsNearAddressFor: function) ifTrue:
  		[^self perform: function with: aProcessorSimulationTrap].
  	memory := coInterpreter memory.
  	aProcessorSimulationTrap type == #call
  			[(leaf := coInterpreter mcprims includes: function)
  						simulateLeafCallOf: aProcessorSimulationTrap address
  						nextpc: aProcessorSimulationTrap nextpc
  						memory: memory.
  					 retpc := processor leafRetpcIn: memory]
  						simulateCallOf: aProcessorSimulationTrap address
  						nextpc: aProcessorSimulationTrap nextpc
  						memory: memory.
  					 retpc := processor retpcIn: memory].
  			 self recordInstruction: {'(simulated call of '. aProcessorSimulationTrap address. '/'. function. ')'}]
  			[leaf := false.
  				simulateJumpCallOf: aProcessorSimulationTrap address
  				memory: memory.
  			 retpc := processor retpcIn: memory. "sideways call; the primitive has pushed a return address."
  			 self recordInstruction: {'(simulated jump to '. aProcessorSimulationTrap address. '/'. function. ')'}].
  	savedFramePointer := coInterpreter framePointer.
  	savedStackPointer := coInterpreter stackPointer.
  	savedArgumentCount := coInterpreter argumentCount.
  	result := ["self halt: evaluable selector."
+ 		   	   clickConfirm ifTrue:
- 		   	   ((printRegisters or: [printInstructions]) and: [clickConfirm]) ifTrue:
  			 	[(self confirm: 'skip run-time call?') ifFalse:
  					[clickConfirm := false. self halt]].
  			   evaluable valueWithArguments: (processor
  												postCallArgumentsNumArgs: evaluable numArgs
  												in: memory)]
  				on: ReenterMachineCode
  				do: [:ex| ex return: ex returnValue].
  	coInterpreter assertValidExternalStackPointers.
  	"Verify the stack layout assumption compileInterpreterPrimitive: makes, provided we've
  	 not called something that has built a frame, such as closure value or evaluate method, or
  	 switched frames, such as primitiveSignal, primitiveWait, primitiveResume, primitiveSuspend et al."
  	(function beginsWith: 'primitive') ifTrue:
  		[coInterpreter checkForLastObjectOverwrite.
  		 coInterpreter primFailCode = 0
  			ifTrue: [(#(	primitiveClosureValue primitiveClosureValueWithArgs primitiveClosureValueNoContextSwitch
  						primitiveFullClosureValue primitiveFullClosureValueWithArgs primitiveFullClosureValueNoContextSwitch
  						primitiveSignal primitiveWait primitiveResume primitiveSuspend primitiveYield
  						primitiveExecuteMethodArgsArray primitiveExecuteMethod
  						primitivePerform primitivePerformWithArgs primitivePerformInSuperclass
  						primitiveTerminateTo primitiveStoreStackp primitiveDoPrimitiveWithArgs)
  							includes: function) ifFalse:
  						["This is a rare case (e.g. in Scorch where a married context's sender is set to nil on trapTrpped and hence the stack layout is altered."
  						 (function == #primitiveSlotAtPut and: [objectMemory isContext: (coInterpreter frameReceiver: coInterpreter framePointer)]) ifFalse:
  							[self assert: savedFramePointer = coInterpreter framePointer.
  							 self assert: savedStackPointer + (savedArgumentCount * objectMemory wordSize)
  									= coInterpreter stackPointer]]]
  				[self assert: savedFramePointer = coInterpreter framePointer.
  				 self assert: savedStackPointer = coInterpreter stackPointer]].
  	result ~~ #continueNoReturn ifTrue:
  		[self recordInstruction: {'(simulated return to '. processor retpcIn: memory. ')'}.
  			ifTrue: [processor simulateLeafReturnIn: memory]
  			ifFalse: [processor simulateReturnIn: memory].
  		 self assert: processor pc = retpc.
  		 processor smashCallerSavedRegistersWithValuesFrom: 16r80000000 by: objectMemory wordSize in: memory].
  	self assert: (result isInteger "an oop result"
  			or: [result == coInterpreter
  			or: [result == objectMemory
  			or: [#(nil continue continueNoReturn) includes: result]]]).
  	processor cResultRegister: (result
  							ifNil: [0]
  							ifNotNil: [result isInteger
  										ifTrue: [result]
  										ifFalse: [16rF00BA222]])
  	"coInterpreter cr.
  	 processor sp + 32 to: processor sp - 32 by: -4 do:
  		 sp = processor sp
  			ifTrue: [coInterpreter print: 'sp->'; tab]
  			ifFalse: [coInterpreter printHex: sp].
  		 coInterpreter tab; printHex: (coInterpreter longAt: sp); cr]"!

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: Cogit>>promptForBreakPC (in category 'simulation only') -----
  	| s first pc |
  	s := UIManager default request: 'Break pc (hex, + to add, - to remove)'.
  	s := s withBlanksTrimmed.
  	s isEmpty ifTrue: [^self].
  	('+-' includes: s first) ifTrue: [first := s first. s := s allButFirst].
  	(s isEmpty and: [first = $-]) ifTrue:
  		[^self breakPC: nil].
  	pc := (s includes: $r)
  				[Number readFrom: s readStream]
  				[(#('0x' '-0x') detect: [:prefix| s beginsWith: prefix] ifNone: []) ifNotNil:
  					s := s allButFirst: prefix size.
  					prefix first = $- ifTrue: [s := '-', s]].
  				Integer readFrom: s readStream base: 16].
+ 	((methodZone addressIsLikelyCogMethod: pc)
+ 	and: [UIManager confirm: 'pc is method; interpret as no check entry point?']) ifTrue:
+ 		[pc := pc + cmNoCheckEntryOffset].
  	first = $+ ifTrue:
  		[^self breakPC: (breakPC addBreakpoint: pc)].
  	first = $- ifTrue:
  		[^self breakPC: (breakPC removeBreakpoint: pc)].
  	self breakPC: pc!

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