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Sun Dec 29 08:00:45 UTC 2019

Eliot Miranda uploaded a new version of VMMaker to project VM Maker:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: VMMaker.oscog-eem.2647
Author: eem
Time: 29 December 2019, 12:00:26.832334 am
UUID: dd150fe4-8c9e-43ee-98dd-19b60418a6ff
Ancestors: VMMaker.oscog-eem.2646


=============== Diff against VMMaker.oscog-eem.2646 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: SimpleStackBasedCogit>>compileMachineCodeInterpreterPrimitive: (in category 'primitive generators') -----
  compileMachineCodeInterpreterPrimitive: primitiveRoutine
  	"Compile a call to a machine-code convention interpreter primitive.  Call the C routine
  	 on the Smalltalk stack, assuming it consumes little or no stack space."
  	<var: #primitiveRoutine declareC: 'void (*primitiveRoutine)(void)'>
  	| jmpFail liveRegsMask |
  	"for now handle functions with less than 4 arguments; our C call marshalling machinery
  	 extends up to 4 arguments only, and the first argument of an mcprim is the receiver."
  	self assert: methodOrBlockNumArgs <= 3.
  	liveRegsMask := (methodOrBlockNumArgs > self numRegArgs
  					   or: [methodOrBlockNumArgs = 0])
  							[self registerMaskFor: ReceiverResultReg]
  							[(self numRegArgs > 1 and: [methodOrBlockNumArgs > 1])
  								ifFalse: [self registerMaskFor: ReceiverResultReg and: Arg0Reg]
  								ifTrue: [self registerMaskFor: ReceiverResultReg and: Arg0Reg and: Arg1Reg]].
  	backEnd genSaveRegs: (liveRegsMask bitAnd: CallerSavedRegisterMask).
  	methodOrBlockNumArgs > self numRegArgs ifTrue:
  		["Wrangle args into Arg0Reg, Arg1Reg, SendNumArgsReg & ClassReg"
  		 "offset := self bitCountOf: (liveRegsMask bitAnd: CallerSavedRegisterMask)."
  		 self shouldBeImplemented].
  		genMarshallNArgs: methodOrBlockNumArgs + 1
  		arg: ReceiverResultReg
  		arg: Arg0Reg
  		arg: Arg1Reg
  		arg: SendNumArgsReg
+ 		"arg: ClassReg (when we extend C call marshalling to support 5 args for replaceFrom:to:with:startingAt:".
- 		"arg: ClassReg (when we extend C call marchalling to support 5 args for replaceFrom:to:with:startingAt:".
  	backEnd saveAndRestoreLinkRegUsingCalleeSavedRegNotLiveAtPointOfSendAround:
  		[self CallFullRT: primitiveRoutine asInteger].
  		genRemoveNArgsFromStack: methodOrBlockNumArgs + 1;
  		genRestoreRegs: (liveRegsMask bitAnd: CallerSavedRegisterMask).
  	self CmpCq: 0 R: backEnd cResultRegister.
  	jmpFail := self JumpZero: 0.
  	backEnd cResultRegister ~= ReceiverResultReg ifTrue:
  		[self MoveR: backEnd cResultRegister R: ReceiverResultReg].
  	self RetN: (methodOrBlockNumArgs > self numRegArgs
  				ifTrue: [methodOrBlockNumArgs + 1 * objectMemory wordSize]
  				ifFalse: [0]).
  	jmpFail jmpTarget: self Label.

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