[Vm-dev] VM crash in the Squeak3D plugin

Stéphane Rollandin lecteur at zogotounga.net
Sun Dec 29 19:26:30 UTC 2019

> I'm going to commit this.  Stéphane, sorry it has taken so long to get 
> to this.  As you can see neither Nicolas nor I understand the code to 
> any sufficient level.  We're going on very primitive understanding 
> rather than familiarity with the algorithm.  Anyway, hopefully this fix 
> will stand the test of time.

Wow. You guys are amazing.

As soon as the fixed plugin is available, I will get back to my game and 
finish it (I still have a lot of balancing to do there) - so of course 
I'll keep you informed of how it goes.


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