[Vm-dev] [OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm] Fix checkSCCSversion invocation in mvm scripts of linux build subdirectories (#405)

Tim Johnson notifications at github.com
Thu Jun 13 20:20:41 UTC 2019

Currently the `mvm` scripts within Linux build directories are failing to properly invoke `checkSCCSversion` because their those directories are nested three levels deep rather than two (as in other platforms).

To fix, update all `mvm` scripts within three-level nested linux build directories to invoke 

 rather than 

I believe this can be accomplished by executing the following one-liner from the repo root:
for f in $(find . -name mvm -exec grep -q checkSCCS {} \; -print | awk -F/ 'NF == 5 { print $0 }') ; do printf "g/checkSCCSversion/s/\.\.\//&\.\.\//\nw\nq" | ed ${f} ; done

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