[Vm-dev] [OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm] Customization for Pharo & About Dialog (#388)

Pablo Tesone notifications at github.com
Fri Mar 29 14:41:41 UTC 2019

- We added customization for Pharo to allow a different menu to be used. 
- We modified the default action of help menu to open an URL (only for Pharo)
- We added a Info.plist property with the string value of the URL (only for Pharo)

- And also the about dialog was not receiving the close event, we have fixed that. It was related with the filtering of events for SDL.

You can view, comment on, or merge this pull request online at:


-- Commit Summary --

  * Adding a custom Menu for Pharo VMs
  * Adding a optional URL for the help, only fr Pharo
  * Handling correctly the events of the about window
  * Making the about window property as weak.

-- File Changes --

    M build.macos32x86/common/Makefile.app (8)
    M build.macos32x86/pharo.cog.spur.lowcode/Makefile (3)
    M build.macos32x86/pharo.cog.spur.minheadless/Makefile (2)
    M build.macos32x86/pharo.cog.spur/Makefile (1)
    M build.macos32x86/pharo.cog.spur/plugins.ext (2)
    M build.macos32x86/pharo.cog.v3/Makefile (2)
    M build.macos32x86/pharo.sista.spur/Makefile (2)
    M build.macos32x86/pharo.stack.spur.lowcode/Makefile (2)
    M build.macos32x86/pharo.stack.spur/Makefile (2)
    M build.macos64x64/common/Makefile.app (8)
    M build.macos64x64/pharo.cog.spur.lowcode/Makefile (1)
    M build.macos64x64/pharo.cog.spur/Makefile (1)
    M build.macos64x64/pharo.sista.spur/Makefile (1)
    M build.macos64x64/pharo.stack.spur.lowcode/Makefile (1)
    M build.macos64x64/pharo.stack.spur/Makefile (1)
    A platforms/iOS/vm/English.lproj/Pharo-MainMenu-opengl.xib (1261)
    A platforms/iOS/vm/English.lproj/Pharo-MainMenu.xib (1261)
    M platforms/iOS/vm/OSX/Pharo-Info.plist (2)
    M platforms/iOS/vm/OSX/SqueakOSXApplication.m (30)
    M platforms/iOS/vm/OSX/sqSqueakOSXApplication+events.m (16)
    M platforms/iOS/vm/OSX/sqSqueakOSXApplication.h (5)
    M platforms/iOS/vm/OSX/sqSqueakOSXApplication.m (1)

-- Patch Links --


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