[Vm-dev] How to get PRs reviewed?

Holger Freyther holger at freyther.de
Tue May 7 14:22:00 UTC 2019

I have a couple of PRs and would like to make some progress in getting reviewed, revised and included. Please see a summary of the changes.

Update external software to not build known vulnerable software. This is also aligning the ./configure && make cycles.
And in general the same build script should work for Win32, Unix and Mac as the third-parties buildsystem handles the differences already. We should be able to remove some of the redundancy

Fix CLI argument. --pollpip actually takes an argument but it is not documented. I fixed this for Mac and Unix.

Remove unused variables in the serial plugin for Macos and Unix. 

Add a --quiet option for the VM. Pillar, ectstatic or other CLI applications compete with the VM on stderr (e.g. the pthread priority warning). Add an option to make the VM quiet (and in the future to send this somewhere else).

If there is support I will extend struct VirtualMachine so that plugins can use the right stderr as well.

I also have some spring cleaning if there is interest:

* NPAPI is unsupported/dead. I propose the removal of npsqueak and the plugin code paths
* Removal of "zzz" directories as we have a SCM now.


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