[Vm-dev] Linux Squeak VM X11 keyboard changes?

Tim Johnson digit at sonic.net
Wed May 22 16:01:59 UTC 2019


I recently upgraded the squeak-cog-spur VM on my 32-bit Linux x86 VM from one dated "Oct 21  2018" to one I built based on the latest snapshot from GitHub as of yesterday morning (sqcogspurlinuxht).  

I used it via X11 this morning and noticed that I could Ctrl-D to "Do it" anymore – now it is "Debug it."  In fact, I can't Ctrl-P for Print it either... 

And it's not my image – I tried using a fresh 5.2 image also.

I wonder if anyone else experiences the same...?

Could I perhaps have not built the VM correctly...?  I basically just did a clean build without changing any configure options.


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