[Vm-dev] Getting a Current Image with VMMaker

K K Subbu kksubbu.ml at gmail.com
Wed May 29 10:26:58 UTC 2019

On 29/05/19 2:25 AM, Kruck, Bastian wrote:
> it has been a while since I last setup VMMaker in an image, so it seems 
> I need a hint here:

The error is because the latest release does not contain macos64x64. I 
don't know why this file is missing. The last one for macos64x64 is:

$ curl -s -L https://dl.bintray.com/opensmalltalk/vm/ | awk -F\" '$4 ~ 
/:squeak.cog.spur_macos64x64/ {latest=substr($4,2)}END{print latest}'


You can workaround by downloading it directly from:


extract the VM app and give its path directly as a argument

  $ ./buildspurtrunkvmmaker64image.sh -vm Squeak64.201903251926.app

or you could override the LATEST_RELEASE variable temporarily in 
getGoodSpurVM64.sh and then rerun your script:

+		LATEST_RELEASE=201903251926

HTH .. Subbu

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