[Vm-dev] Vm-dev Difficult to debug VM crash with full blocks and SistaV1

Susan ellis_bosville at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 30 02:20:33 UTC 2019

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On Mon, Sep 30, 2019, at 1:27 AM, Open wrote:

>Hi Nicolas,
>On Wed, Sep 25, 2019 at 12:32 AM Nicolas Cellier 
> wrote:
> I noticed that many crash happen in testSendTimeout.
> This test is organizing a race:
> - Smalltalk fill the socket send buffer
> - the OS tries to drain
> The other thing I noticed is that SocketTest suite run takes 7 to 8s on
> macos while only 2 to 3s on ubuntu and windows
> So it might be that some test times out on macos, while it doesn't on
> other OS.
> This would explain
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