[Vm-dev] vm-sound-pulse

stes stes at telenet.be
Thu Apr 2 19:16:26 UTC 2020

VM: 5.0 branch 'solaris' 
In the file platforms/vm/sqUnixMain.c there is a list of vm-sound- plugins
to try.

In my case on Solaris the vm-sound-pulse works best for me, so I've put it
first in the list:

  { &soundModule,   "sound",   "pulse"  },
  { &soundModule,   "sound",   "OSS"    },
  { &soundModule,   "sound",   "MacOSX" },
  { &soundModule,   "sound",   "Sun"    },
  { &soundModule,   "sound",   "ALSA"   },
  { &soundModule,   "sound",   "null"   },

The vm-sound-OSS also works well.  The vm-sound-Sun does not work for me,
but I think it is old code for Sun SPARC so I should test it sometime on
SPARC someday although that Solaris has moved to 'pulseaudio'.

Is it reasonable to put "pulse" on top of the search list ??

It is also possible to command-line start squeak with -vm-sound-pulse or
-vm-sound-OSS to select another plugin ... but given the fact that
vm-sound-pulse works (at least for me) I thought maybe it makes sense to put
it first in the search list.

How is this on other platforms ?

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