[Vm-dev] [OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm] Autoconf fixes (#491)

Tobias Pape notifications at github.com
Thu Apr 23 00:25:47 UTC 2020

 - harmonize plugin handling
 - unify sound plugin autoconf patterns

 - Most important, fix `plib` leak from external plugins to internal (ie, vm) ones, this spoils the link.
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-- Commit Summary --

  * [unix] [configure] make Plugin lib search less invasive [ci skip]
  * [unix] [configure] cope for LIBS/plibs difference [ci skip]
  * [unix] [configure] fix cut [ci skip]
  * [unix] [configure] unify sound plugin detection [ci skip]
  * [unix] [configure] unify sound plugin detection, pt2 [ci skip]
  * [unix] [configure] )])] ... [ci skip]
  * [unix] [configure] unify sound plugin detection, pt3 [ci skip]
  * [unix] [configure] tweak mkmf with clean slate plibs [ci skip]
  * [unix] [configure] generate [ci skip]

-- File Changes --

    M platforms/unix/config/acinclude.m4 (32)
    M platforms/unix/config/config.h.in (3)
    M platforms/unix/config/configure (311)
    M platforms/unix/config/mkmf (7)
    D platforms/unix/plugins/MIDIPlugin/Makefile.inc (1)
    M platforms/unix/plugins/MIDIPlugin/acinclude.m4 (14)
    M platforms/unix/plugins/MIDIPlugin/sqUnixMIDI.c (10)
    D platforms/unix/vm-sound-NAS/Makefile.inc (1)
    M platforms/unix/vm-sound-NAS/acinclude.m4 (8)
    D platforms/unix/vm-sound-pulse/Makefile.inc (1)
    M platforms/unix/vm-sound-pulse/acinclude.m4 (2)
    D platforms/unix/vm-sound-sndio/Makefile.inc (2)
    M platforms/unix/vm-sound-sndio/acinclude.m4 (24)

-- Patch Links --


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