[Vm-dev] sunos AppVeyor build succeeded and Travis CI build passed

Tobias Pape Das.Linux at gmx.de
Fri Apr 24 13:52:16 UTC 2020

Hi stes
> On 24.04.2020, at 15:41, stes <stes at telenet.be> wrote:
> The "sunos" branch "pull request" attempt seems to have passed the
> continuous-integration/appveyor/pr 	AppVeyor build succeeded
> continuous-integration/travis-ci/pr	The Travis CI build passed 
> The build directories build.sunos32x86 and build.sunos64x64 were removed.
> This is not much of a problem as they are now in a separate package,
> "solaris-squeak" and this seems to work fine.
> I just modified the "mvm" scripts (in the external package)
> to set a "STDIR" (SmalltalkDirectory)
> point to the opensmalltalk sources and then modified the "mvm" script to
> look for the sources in the $STDIR directory.
> Also the Pull Request indicates:
> "This branch has no conflicts with the base branch
> Only those with write access to this repository can merge pull requests."
> So is it please possible to merge those fixes.
> By the way for those who are afraid their version will stop working,
> I can only say that "to err is human", I did my best not to break anything.

> For example the "pulseaudio" is the default for me in the #ifdef __sun case,
> but this case does not apply to other UNIX or Linux versions.
> Also, regarding the "pulseaudio" change, (which was not changed so far
> in the Cog branch!) be really unacceptable then I propose that the other
> changes are merged, and that change not by whoever is merging the changes
> ...

First, thanks for caring for Solaris!

What my intention was, was to sort Unix-flavor specific things in platform/, for example, as you did with the pulse change.
Similar changes should go into, for example, the SSL-stuff as to have it always linked, never dynloaded.

then we can have a symlink sunos-whatever to linux-whatever.

Anyway, Thank you, and lets go ahead and see :)

Best regards

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