[Vm-dev] Has anyone gotten FFI working on squeak on a Mac lately?

LawsonEnglish LEnglish5 at cox.net
Sat Aug 15 01:04:37 UTC 2020

I realize that the test library works, but I can’t use ANY kind of library user specified/user made library for FFI with Squeak on Catalina OR Mojave, and I can’t tell what I am doing wrong.

I let Craig Latta watch me, via screen sharing on skype, set up the whole thing from scratch, and his response was to start to coach me in how to create and use the VM with a c-debugger.

So I don’t think I’m doing anything obviously wrong or at least Craig didn’t catch it while he watched.

Still don’t have the VM working, so I thought I ask if anyone has actually done it lately? The FFIPrim libray is in a .bundle, which may or may not be signficiant to this issue.


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