[Vm-dev] [ANN] SqueakJS 1.0

David T. Lewis lewis at mail.msen.com
Tue Dec 22 17:51:56 UTC 2020


On Mon, Dec 21, 2020 at 09:32:03PM -0800, Vanessa Freudenberg wrote:
> Hi All,
> yesterday I released version 1.0 of SqueakJS, exactly 7 years after my
> first public announcement on December 20, 2013.
> https://squeak.js.org/

What a nice surprise for the holidays. Thank you!!!

> Arguably I should have done this back in 2016 when it could run Spur
> images. What got it over the last hump was Fabio's interpreter for Sista
> bytecodes and Erik's refactoring for Node.js.
> SqueakJS is now the most compatible Squeak VM: it can run pre-release
> images from 1996 as well as the latest Squeak 6.0 trunk image.
> For production, you should still use non-Sista images, because no JIT has
> been implemented yet.

Shortcuts for switching back and forth in a trunk image:

    CompiledCode useSista: true

    CompiledCode useSista: false


> A big Thank You to all the contributors over the years, and to Dan Ingalls
> for the inspiration, and funding the initial development.
> There are still many things to work on:
> - a simple JIT for Sista bytecode to bring its speed at least up to par
> with its pre-Sista speed
> - a "real" JIT with context mapping (keeping temps in JS vars rather than
> on the stack) and send optimizations (mapping sends to JS function
> invocations)
> - 64 bit support for pre-Spur images
> - big-endian support for 64 bit images
> Help is very welcome at https://github.com/codefrau/SqueakJS
> Happy Holidays to Everyone!
> Vanessa

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