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Tue Jul 21 00:27:57 UTC 2020

Eliot Miranda uploaded a new version of VMMaker to project VM Maker:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: VMMaker.oscog-eem.2778
Author: eem
Time: 20 July 2020, 5:27:46.688881 pm
UUID: b747c434-29c0-4abf-9e8b-3787a02c06ea
Ancestors: VMMaker.oscog-eem.2777

Slang: Infer the correct types for the float/double accessors.  Hence correct primitiveSpurFloatArrayAt for Float32Array.

=============== Diff against VMMaker.oscog-eem.2777 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: TMethod>>inferTypesForImplicitlyTypedVariablesIn: (in category 'type inference') -----
  inferTypesForImplicitlyTypedVariablesIn: aCodeGen
  	"infer types for untyped variables from assignments and arithmetic uses.
  	 For debugging answer a Dictionary from var to the nodes that determined types
  	 This for debugging:
  		(self copy inferTypesForImplicitlyTypedVariablesIn: aCodeGen)"
  	| alreadyExplicitlyTypedOrNotToBeTyped asYetUntyped mustBeSigned newDeclarations effectiveNodes |
  	aCodeGen maybeBreakForTestToInline: selector in: self.
  	alreadyExplicitlyTypedOrNotToBeTyped := declarations keys asSet.
  	asYetUntyped := locals copyWithoutAll: alreadyExplicitlyTypedOrNotToBeTyped.
  	mustBeSigned := Set new.
  	newDeclarations := Dictionary new.
  	effectiveNodes := Dictionary new. "this for debugging"
  	parseTree nodesDo:
  		[:node| | type var |
  		"If there is something of the form i >= 0, then i should be signed, not unsigned."
  		(node isSend
  		 and: [(locals includes: (var := node receiver variableNameOrNil))
  		 and: [(#(<= < >= >) includes: node selector)
  		 and: [node args first isConstant
  		 and: [node args first value = 0]]]]) ifTrue:
  			[mustBeSigned add: var.
  			 effectiveNodes at: var put: { #signed. node }, (effectiveNodes at: var ifAbsent: [#()])].
  		"if an assignment to an untyped local of a known type, set the local's type to that type.
  		 Only observe known sends (methods in the current set) and typed local variables."
  		(node isAssignment
  		 and: [(locals includes: (var := node variable name))
  		 and: [(alreadyExplicitlyTypedOrNotToBeTyped includes: var) not]]) ifTrue: "don't be fooled by previously inferred types"
  		 	[type := node expression isSend
  						ifTrue: [aCodeGen returnTypeForSend: node expression in: self ifNil: nil]
  						ifFalse: [self typeFor: (node expression isAssignment
  													ifTrue: [node expression variable]
  													ifFalse: [node expression]) in: aCodeGen].
  			 type "If untyped, then cannot type the variable yet. A subsequent assignment may assign a subtype of what this type ends up being"
  				ifNil: "Further, if the type derives from an as-yet-untyped method, we must defer."
  					[alreadyExplicitlyTypedOrNotToBeTyped add: var.
  					 (node expression isSend
  					 and: [(aCodeGen methodNamed: node expression selector) notNil]) ifTrue:
  						[newDeclarations removeKey: var ifAbsent: nil]]
  				ifNotNil: "Merge simple types (but *don't* merge untyped vars); complex types must be defined by the programmer."
+ 					[((aCodeGen isSimpleType: type) or: [aCodeGen isFloatingPointCType: type]) ifTrue:
- 					[(aCodeGen isSimpleType: type) ifTrue:
  						[(asYetUntyped includes: var)
  							ifTrue: [newDeclarations at: var put: type, ' ', var. asYetUntyped remove: var]
  								[aCodeGen mergeTypeOf: var in: newDeclarations with: type method: self].
  						 effectiveNodes at: var put: { newDeclarations at: var. node }, (effectiveNodes at: var ifAbsent: [#()])]]]].
  	mustBeSigned do:
  		 (newDeclarations at: var ifAbsent: nil) ifNotNil:
  			[:decl| | type |
  			 type := aCodeGen extractTypeFor: var fromDeclaration: decl.
  			 type first == $u ifTrue:
  				[newDeclarations at: var put: (aCodeGen signedTypeForIntegralType: type), ' ', var]]].
  	newDeclarations keysAndValuesDo:
  		[:var :decl| declarations at: var put: decl].

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