[Vm-dev] [OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm] X11 Event Handling: Keystroke events are not recognized for Numpad Enter Key (#556)

Christoph Thiede notifications at github.com
Wed Apr 7 21:42:23 UTC 2021

Setup: Win 2004 + WSL (Ubuntu) + VcXsrv

When I press the right enter key (part of the numpad), only keyDown and keyUp events are recorded by the VM, but not any keystroke event. The left enter key, however, works fine, and so does the right enter key on Windows do. Using `HandMorph >> #showEvents:`, the keyUp and keyDown events look the same for both enter keys (character code 13).

I don't have a real Linux machine available at the moment. Can someone tell whether the issue also exists without VcXsrv?

In general, running Squeak works fine with this setup. However, some keys are not mapped correctly. First, I thought this would be a problem of VcXsrv (and [partially](https://sourceforge.net/p/vcxsrv/bugs/134/), this is also true), but then I recognized that gedit recognizes the right enter key correctly through VcXsrv, so this appears to be a problem of OSVM indeed.


In sqUnixX11.c, apparently EventKeyDown and EventKeyChar events are always generated together with one exception:


So either `x2sqKey()` or `xkeysym2ucs4()` must be responsible for the bug. However, I have never read these sources before, so probably, I'm completely on the wrong track ...

Looking forward to your help,

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