[Vm-dev] [OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm] Add build.linux32generic and build.linux64generic to support stack VM… (#585)

pbella notifications at github.com
Mon Aug 23 08:40:10 UTC 2021

Definitely not just a naming issue.  The idea is to pull out all of the architecture specific settings to get to a truly generic stack vm.

Ignore the --disable-dynamicopenssl and vm_variant= (that's part of the packaging work) but note the sse2 and 're-exec' stuff which is what needs to be eliminated if you're going to build for say MIPS/PPC/RISC-V:

diff build.linux64x64/squeak.stack.spur/build/mvm build.linux64generic/squeak.stack.spur/build/mvm
> # Some gcc versions create a broken VM using -O2
> 	--disable-dynamicopenssl \
< 	CC=clang \
< 	CFLAGS="$OPT -msse2"
> 	CFLAGS="$OPT" \
> 	vm_variant=spur64


diff build.linux32x86/squeak.stack.spur/build/mvm build.linux32generic/squeak.stack.spur/build/mvm
< case "`uname -m`" in # ensure we see x86 as machine type
< i*86) ;; # we're good
< *) if type i386 2>&1 >/dev/null; then
< 	echo "Re-exec as x86"
< 	exec i386 "$0" "$@"
< fi ;;
< esac
> 	--disable-dynamicopenssl \
< 	CFLAGS="$OPT -msse2"
> 	CFLAGS="$OPT" \
> 	vm_variant=spur32

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