[Vm-dev] [OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm] Adds builds for macos64ARMv8 to GHA (PR #609)

Marcel Taeumel notifications at github.com
Mon Dec 20 08:38:23 UTC 2021

- Adds some commentary to build files
- Pins macOS builds to `macos-10.15` because that has been our build platform for the past weeks; `macos-11` is the new default on GHA `macos-latest`
- Specialize filters for `building/**` in our GHA `.yml` files to reduce the number of actually needed builds
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-- Commit Summary --

  * Improves path matching to avoid unnecessary builds. Pin mac builds to macos-10.15 for now until requested otherwise; "macos-latest" became macos-11 only recently. [ci skip]
  * Add build job for macos64ARMv8.

-- File Changes --

    M .github/workflows/extra-arm.yml (2)
    M .github/workflows/extra.yml (4)
    M .github/workflows/linux-arm.yml (10)
    M .github/workflows/linux.yml (10)
    A .github/workflows/macos-arm.yml (131)
    M .github/workflows/macos.yml (6)

-- Patch Links --


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