[Vm-dev] unix SqueakSource socket 'too many open files' problem

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Thu Feb 25 19:42:23 UTC 2021

I've been running a squeaksource system on a 64bit linux server for a year or so and just started having odd problems.

Talking with Chris about it, and looking into the assorted logs, lead to the theory that sometihng (unknown and I can't see how possible) caused the image to save and quit at some point when the expected behaviour is to *not* ever save. That lead to some complaints about Magma related details that don't matter here.

I had much fun (the usual linux user names/permissions stuff) but eventually got a new copy of the squeaksource image running. Yay!

Except after an indeterminate time (several hours, not a whole day) the webpage part of the sytem became unaccessible even though it had not actually crashed out. The log contained a bunch of lines like this - 
3729ab18e70dac 2021-02-24T23:37:53.41687-05:00 CurrentEnvironment: 
@40000000603729ab18e71d4c 2acceptHandler: Too many open files
@4000000060379f1127814ddc acceptHandler: aborting server 12 pss=0x14df900
@4000000060379f112782dc4c socketStatus: freeing invalidated pss=0x14df900
@400000006037b1ef0d99c214 acceptHandler: Too many open files
@400000006037b1ef0d9a5e54 acceptHandler: aborting server 12 pss=0x7f2f8c8d4630
@400000006037b1ef0d9c7194 socketStatus: freeing invalidated pss=0x7f2f8c8d4630

... which are errors from the VM socket handlers.

I've not seen this happening before that I recall. Any ideas? Stuff to check? Solutions?

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