[Vm-dev] trying to use kdbg with the build.debug vm

Robert Withers robert.withers at pm.me
Sun May 30 04:13:00 UTC 2021

I figured out how to open the plugin src file under opensmalltalk-vm/src/plugins/RSErasurePlugin/RSErasurePlugin.c & opensmalltalk-vm/src/plugins/RSFECPlugin/RSFECPlugin.c and I was able to set a breakpoint in RSErasurePlugin.c.

After some investigation, I found I was extracting the arguments off the stack out of order. Fixed them.

The vm under kdbg was breaking in sqUnixX11.c from time to time and when I click "run" twice the image blows up. Not sure why this is happening but I kept trying and managed to break into my method, in RSErasurePlgun.c.

I currently have a few issues (3) with RSFECPlugin.c giving different answers than the in-image impl. Investigating...




On 5/29/21 6:43 PM, Robert Withers wrote:

> I d/l and made kdbg. I can run it and load the debug vm. How could I set
> a breakpoint in my RSFECPlugin.c code, starting with primitiveExp() such
> that it will break when I call it from Squeak?
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> Kindly,
> Robert
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