[Vm-dev] [OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm] Adds cross-platform compatible virtual-key codes to vm-display-x11 plugin (#599)

Marcel Taeumel notifications at github.com
Tue Oct 5 14:14:42 UTC 2021

@marceltaeumel pushed 4 commits.

dd4e778b9a72a3ff2125a0725495ae84b1602cb3  Improved commentary. Code clean-up.
8350f371697be41a901f418cf75cbfe4027e165c  Minor tabs-vs-spaces cleanup in mouse-event and keyboard-event routines. That is, replace 8-space-tabs with up to 8 actual spaces because the file's indent is 2 spaces.
a282289de8a2156f016e61dc32b26404607d1e91  Fixes virtual-key code for Shift+Tab combination.
a4d00735269cdb4af071f1662f78498cf1304d4f  Fixes modifierState for modifier-key EventKeyDown and EventKeyUp events. Reuse the side-effects in translateCode(), even though its actual job is to translate selected KeySyms into the ASCII range such as for XK_Left or XK_Insert. Thanks to the UCS4 mapping in xkeysym2ucs4(), there is almost no use for x2sqKeyPlain() and translateCode() anymore. Especially now that xkey2sqVirtualKeyCode() provides the required (virtual) key codes for EventKeyDown and EventKeyUp.

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