[Vm-dev] Apple Silicone Cog VM for Squeak

Bruce O'Neel bruce.oneel at pckswarms.ch
Fri Oct 22 09:28:01 UTC 2021

Hi all,

I believe that Cog for Squeak should work on MacOS ARM 64, right?

opensmalltalk-vm/building/macos64ARMv8/squeak.cog.spur at Cog ·
OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm (github.com)

The files seem to be there and have not been changed for a few months.

Has anyone genuflected in the direction of Cupertinio and Apple Park
and bought one?

Does it work?

How well does it work?

Oh and this is just for info, please don't feel like I'm putting
pressure.  I just can't test it myself....



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