[Vm-dev] LocalVats in separate native threads?

rabbit rabbit at callistohouse.org
Sat Sep 10 02:08:55 UTC 2022

As a local vat never shares direct access to objects outside of itself, with the notable exception of the GC, it may be safe to put a separate vat on a different native thread. I am still trying to resurrect RemotePromises, needed for any inter-vat messaging (Async sending), but what is in PromisesLocal would provide the native vat.

I’m wanting to make each message send activation it’s own green thread to implement a non-blocking VatScheduler VatSemaphore>>#wait, which would unschedule the waited green process and activate the next scheduled Async message send. Signaling the semaphore would reschedule the waited send to resume.

However, do you think it may be possible using Vats to provide a multithreaded Squeak VM?

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