[Newbies] indenting code

Göran Krampe goran at krampe.se
Wed Dec 13 08:14:03 UTC 2006


> Hello Norbert,
> NH> I'm asking myself if there is any common sense about
> NH> how to indent the code in smalltalk/squeak.
> there also must be some common sense about it but in my case lazyness
> rules.
> I type without thinking about indentation and let the pretty printer
> take care that every method is formatted the same.
> (context menu in the code pane, more, pretty print, *after* accepting
> changes)

I actually never use the pretty printer even though I definitely
understand those who use it like Herbert described. This is of course
highly individual, but I tend to "care" too much :) (I wish I wouldn't
because I am probably wasting time doing manual formatting) about how my
code is formatted and don't like the results from the current pretty

I also can not claim any clear rules - I do it differently depending on
lots of factors - the example mentioned could be formatted differently
depending on length of statements and length of selectors/number of

If we had a much smarter pretty printer I might perhaps use it.

regards, Göran

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