[Newbies] Test Failures and Errors

J Michael Dean mdean77 at comcast.net
Sun Dec 31 19:24:45 UTC 2006

Downloaded Squeak 3.9-final-7067 and ran all tests;  2160 tests ran  
with 2138 passes, 2 "expected failures", 15 failures, and 5 errors.   
The errors include four float errors dealing with arcCos and arcSin.   
Of less importance to most of us, I assume!  But StringTest also  
fails, indicating testIndexOf failed, making me worried that I have  
set something up incorrectly.  Tried on different Macintosh (G5 PPC,  
first run was on Intel based OSX) and got similar results with  
"virgin" download.

Are these test failures known?  I was rather surprised to have  
anything but "green" when I ran these tests.

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