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Joaquin Sitte j.sitte at qut.edu.au
Sun Jul 2 12:39:07 UTC 2006

Many thanks to all who replied with advice.

Here is an update on the matter for those interested.

DynamicVariable is a subclass (variableWordSubclass) of FloatArray.
FloatArray new: 2  works!
Therefore because DynamicVariable is a subclass of FloatArray
DynamicVariable new: 2 
should work, but id didn’t for me.

A partial solution to my problem was provided by Yoshiki Ohshima who
reported getting no error when executing

dv2 _ DynamicVariable new: 2

with DynamicVariable variable defined as a subclass of FloatArray.

That means I am doing something wrong. I tried to define another class
DynamicVariable2 in the same way, and do not get an error message when doing

dv2 _ DynamicVariable new: 2


But still my identically defined DynamicVariable  still does not understand
#new: (tried both Squeak 3.7 and 3.8 with identical results)

Obviously something is wrong somewhere in my system. Don’t know yet what. 

 Thanks again



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>   Joaquin,
> > I wish to create a subclass of FloatArray for a dynamic system
> simulation. When creating the class with #subclass: the
> > method is automatically changed to #variableWordSubclass: as follows
> >
> > FloatArray variableWordSubclass: #DynamicVariable
> >
> > That is fine. But when I wish to create an instance
> >
> > dv2 _ DynamicVariable new: 2
> >
> > I get an error telling me that #new: is not understood. However #new: is
> understood by the superclass #FloatArray. Why?
>   I tried this and didn't get any error.  I managed to create an
> instance of DynamicVariable with two slots.
> > And, by the way, the method #variableWordSubclass cannot be found with
> Method Finder. Why?
>   I'm not sure how you did this, but if you select from the "v" to "s"
> above and press Ctrl-w (or Alt-Shift-w), you'll see the selectors that
> contains the selected string as a part.
> -- Yoshiki
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