[Newbies] Drawing an Arc.

Claudio Acciaresi claudioacciaresi at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 8 20:21:27 UTC 2006

Hello, I`m trying to draw an arc using Morphs, exists an easy way to do it?
The acrs that i´m trying to create are like smiles of a face.
I see FaceMorph, Gesture morph, but i do not want to use a PolygonMorph.

Thanks a lot!!!!

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> GentleSqueakerFolk:
> I've been able to get really good results with standard text objects
> found in Squeak, except when I rotate them.  All the antialiasing
> goes out the window.  Any way to fix that?
> The same thing happens when I import .png files with alpha channel.
> They look great, full-sized and even when I scale them down.  But
> antialiasing is destroyed the moment I rotate the graphic.  What
> occurs to me is that, if I want to animate a graphic rotating, I
> should just produce the animation externally and import it into
> Squeak, either as a sequence of 32 bit .png images or one at a time.
> It would be crucial to preserve the transparent background of the
> images so that they can be used as a "sprite".  What is the step by
> step procedure for doing this in the most economical fashion?
> To choreograph several animations that respond to various user input,
> I'm used to creating this with a timeline analogy as the means,  with
> "actions" applied, either at a given time, or as a result of a user's
> action.  What is the procedure for creating a scene with several
> animations that indicate different states of the same object, which
> appear as a result of user input, (for example, a simple mouseclick)?
> Thanks,
> Greg Smith
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