[Newbies] Q: Standard Lisps on the Squeak VM?

David Corking lists at dcorking.com
Mon Jul 10 12:17:01 UTC 2006

For a variety of reasons, I have a hunch that a Lisp would be a useful
language for building Croquet worlds.

So, I browsed the Squeak Map and saw several Lisp implementations for Squeak.

While I appreciate that most of them are proof-of-concept experiments,
one of them may prove useful for practical programming.  If you have
already looked at any of these Lisps, you may be able to help me
choose which to investigate more deeply:  Which of the Squeak Lisps
came closest to implementing a standard Lisp (either R5RS Scheme or
ANSI Common Lisp)?

I have some extra questions as a postscript.

David Corking

1. Are any of them Lisp compilers rather than straight interpreters?
2. Did any of them target the Squeak VM bytecode, rather than
translate to full Smalltalk-80?
3. Are there any proprietary Lisps that run inside Smalltalk?

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