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Keith Hodges Keith.Hodges at warwick.ac.uk
Wed Jul 12 21:03:18 UTC 2006

You have to make sure that when the image is loaded on the headless
server that there is no user interaction expected. For example on start
up Squeak typically offers the user the option to load updates. There is
a "dont ask again option" which will prevent this happening in the
future and allow your server to continue unhindered on future startups.

This caught me out when uploading an image to www.seasidehosting.st and
judging by the number of projects on there that are present but not
working I am not the only one to be caught out.

hope this helps

> Hi,
> I want to install pier to my Linux server. I have downloaded pier and seaside from squeakmap, then i have saved it, then i have uploaded it to my server that image. I have started the headless squeak with that image. But it doesn't worked. I should give some commands (like wakom 8080). But i cannot write command to the headless server. I don't have any gui. So, how can i save the seaside when it works. I have started seaside with "wakom" command then i have saved it. But when i restart the seaside it did not work. In shortly, i have to write some commands to the headless server or i have to save the seaside when it works..
> Thanks,
> sorry for my english..
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