[Newbies] Can't work out the linux install

Gilles Jobin gilles_jobin at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 23 10:52:09 UTC 2006

Please excuse my poor english.
Suppose your dowload your VM in MySqueak folder. Then
cd ~/MySqueak
tar xfz Squeak-3.8-6665-i686-pc-linux-gnu-3.7.7.tar.gz
cd Squeak-3.8a-1
su root
cd ..
gunzip SqueakV3.sources.gz
install -D SqueakV3.sources
And that works very very well.
You can go here :
for a goog french explanation.
Good squeking,

--- tom <peta.parsons at tesco.net> wrote:

> I've download the VM package on the downloads page
> but I'm really
> confused about how to install it. I tried basically
> flattening out the
> folders but that didn't work. I've looked at the
> documentation but the
> bits about Linux don't really make sense. Can
> somebody please help me?
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