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Bob Courchaine bobc at nfldinet.com
Mon May 8 13:32:32 UTC 2006

There's a thing that may help get you started once you all are a bit 
more familiar with Squeak, Chuck.

It's called PianoKeyboardMorph and should be able to be extended to do 
what you mention below if "listening" could mean monitoring input of a 
piano-like object.

Since you're starting from the basics, I'd suggest working through the 
Bots, Inc book and then perhaps moving on to eToys to get the feel of 
how you'd work with PianoKeyboardMorph.

Hope that helps!


Chuck Smith wrote:
> Hi, I have a large group of students that along with me have never
> programed in any langauge.  We would like to start learning with
> squeak and have purchased the bot inc. book.  And have started there.
> Where do we go from here.  We would like to write programs that help
> teach learning to play musical instruments.
> The program would listen to a player and show on a meter how much
> they were off by red yellow or green.
> Would any one be interested in giving us a path that would allow us
> to learn how to do this?
> Thanks
> Chuck Smith
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