[Newbies] OS filesystem capabilities ([Q] How to get the source code of eToy created)

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at squeakland.org
Mon May 15 10:44:06 UTC 2006


> Is there a way to gain access to OS filesystem capabilities from within Squeak?

  Can you elaborate a bit the meaning of "gain access to OS filesystem
capabilities"?  If it is basic reading, writing, and deleting files
and directories, of course Squeak provides class library to support
it.  Look at FileDirectory and FileStream classes and browse their

  If it involves something like making symbolic links, calling
ioctl(), etc., the basic class library of Squeak doesn't provide the
support...  You need to use OSProcess to make OS dependent system

  Anways, the shorter answer is: "yes".

-- Yoshiki

(Why is this question under this subject?)

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