[Newbies] [Q] How to get the source code of eToy created

Kyle Hamilton aerowolf at gmail.com
Mon May 15 01:13:03 UTC 2006

Is there a way to gain access to OS filesystem capabilities from within Squeak?

-Kyle H

On 5/14/06, Yoshiki Ohshima <yoshiki at squeakland.org> wrote:
>   Hello, Young-Jin,
> > I am a real novice Squeaker and have a question of how to get the code
> > of an eToy I created (or generally source code of morph projects).
> > I know how to save the eToy project into *.pr file, but it is not readable file.
> >
> > As an experienced Java programmer, I want to see what's created from
> > the visual programming of eToy and other morph projects.
>   It involves quite a few stuff.
>   A tile sctipt creates the textual representation internally.  The
> textual code is then compiled by the standard Compiler to produce a
> CompiledMethod.  If you click on the small rectangle switch in the
> "scriptor" (whose balloon help that says: "toggle between showing
> tiles and showing textual code"), you can see the decompiled method in
> textual form.  You can usually evaluate a part of textual script by
> selecting it and choose "do-it" from the right-click menu.  It would
> help you to understand what each statement in the script does.
>   Because the code is unique to the particular object, it is attached
> to a newly created class called a "uniclass".  Uniclass provides the
> prototype-based object model on top of the class-based Squeak object
> model.
>   The objects (and the graph of references between them) are
> serialized by the SmartRefStream.  The objects includes the uniclasses
> CompiledMethods and tiles, etc.  So, the code is stored as the
> serialized objects.  Yes, and that is why it is a binary file.
> -- Yoshiki
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