[Newbies] More questions on beginner's lesson

Dave aikidave at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 20:09:15 UTC 2006

I did lesson 2 of the tutorial the other day and didn't have any problems.

Iam using the OLPC Squeak image.  I put the project on my Squeak
website: http://squeak.pbwiki.com/My%20Squeak%20projects

What I did was to create 2 text with border objects by dragging them
out of the Object catalog. Rename to In1 and Out1. Open viewers on
each. Drag a scripting tile out of Out1. Drag a "Out1 characters
<--abc" tile out of the viewer and put in the script. From the In1
viewer, drag the tile "In1's characters" and drop it on top of the abc
tile in the script. If you fire the script now, it will copy the text
from In1 to Out1. The rest of the tutorial just adds functionality.
Click in scripts menu icon and select view as text. Now you can type
Smalltalk code into the script. Once you accept your change, you
cannot go back to viewing your script as tiles. This menu also lets
you create a button to fire the script.

Being a newbie myself, I have been putting Squeak info and tutorials
that I find on my Squeak wiki. Take a look around and feel free to

Dave Raftery

>Forging on ahead, I tried lesson #2. This seems to be a very important
>lesson: Create two boxes, put some text in one, push a button and transfer
>it over to the other. Several useful concepts here.
>But the tutorial doesn't work for me. I can't make sense out of what is
>supposed to be dragged where. The text doesn't agree with the pictures, and
>vice versa. I'm sure I've tried all possible combinations.

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