Morph Window -> Class? (was: [Newbies] error loading .pr

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at
Mon Apr 2 10:29:31 UTC 2007

El 4/1/07 8:15 PM, "Andrew Dabrowski" <dabrowsa at> escribió:

For last, you could have "intelligent Morph" as what I attach.
When you drag and drop, it have the code inside what is not in your image.
That way you don't care about other's people image, this should load.
Before I send, I try this old SqueakLight thing into the 3.10 alpha.
No problem, I could see my in use change set name (useful for not so
novices, is easy add code and you discover what was in the wrong .cs later)
and mouse coordinates

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