[Newbies] Re: Squeak Firefox plugin on Linux

Andrew Dabrowski dabrowsa at indiana.edu
Thu Apr 12 15:35:02 UTC 2007

I already had squeakvm installed.  In fact I had already tried different 
versions of the squeak browser plugin, including the earlier 
squeakland_3.8-3u_all.deb and the squeak-plugin deb files from 
ftp.squeak.org, and I had never encountered this error before.

By the way, I have tested the ftp.squeak.org version with two different 
browsers, and it works with Mozilla but does not work with Firefox.  Any 
idea why that should be the case?

> You have to install the squeak-vm package before
> there should be the /usr/lib/squeak/npsqueakregister, which tries to 
> register
> the plugin in various places.
> - Jens -
> Andrew Dabrowski schrieb:
>> I tried installing your deb file but got the following error.  Do I 
>> have to do something with the changes file before installing the deb?
>> Selecting previously deselected package squeakland.
>> (Reading database ... 238563 files and directories currently installed.)
>> Unpacking squeakland (from .../deb/squeakland_3.8-4u_all.deb) ...
>> Setting up squeakland (3.8-4u) ...
>> /var/lib/dpkg/info/squeakland.postinst: 33: 
>> /usr/lib/squeak/npsqueakregister: not found
>> dpkg: error processing squeakland (--install):
>>  subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 127
>>> Hi,
>>> there was a bug in the npsqueak, try using the packages from:
>>> http://www.impara.de/~jens/ubuntu/
>>> - Jens -
>>> Andrew Dabrowski schrieb:
>>>> I have Ubuntu Linux and the Squeak plugin for Firefox isn't working. 
>>>> For example, when I go to the Etoys page at Squeakland Im told I 
>>>> need to download a plugin, even if I've already installed it.  Does 
>>>> anyone know if this is the fault of Squeak, Ubuntu, Firefox, or me?
>>>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 

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