[Newbies] Question about resolving package dependencies

Thomas Porter tom.x.porter at gmail.com
Fri Aug 10 14:16:06 UTC 2007


First nagging question:  Is there any kind of package installer that
resolves dependencies and will download any packages required by one I
am trying to install?

Coming from a Linux background, I am spoiled by package managers that
resolve dependencies and download all needed packages and install them
prior to installing the package I am looking for.

At home, when I tried out the SqueakMap package browser and tried to
load the ECompletions package it advised me that various classes
associated with the Shout packages (which I had not installed yet)
would be affected. I told it to proceed anyway, just to see what would

I later had to install Shout and reinstall ECompletions before keyword
completion would work.

Second question:

Can anyone explain the types of files used by Monticello and
SqueakMap, such as .mcz and .sar files?  Is it possible to download
these files separately and then load them from local copies?   Iassume
this would not be done from a filelist dialog.

Third question:

I am behind a firewall which uses an NTLM authenticated HTTP Proxy.
While I have set up HTTPProxy preferences, I do not believe it
understands NTLM authentication, and so I cannot install updates or
use SqueakMap. Has anyone managed to get through this kind of

It has been a long time since I last looked at Squeak and I am very
impressed, particularly with Seaside.


Tom P.

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