[Newbies] The old inisqueak problem on Linux

Heiko Schroeder heikos28 at volny.cz
Wed Aug 22 22:44:21 UTC 2007

Hi Michael,.
> Which instructions are you following?
The instructions which follow after the successive run of the INSTALL-script.  
The instructions about inisqueak are written on the manpage of squeak and 
inisqueak as well.

BTW I do not have the problem to get Squeak run by myself. I know what to do. 
But it is entirely different to the instructions given. And I think about 
those who want to get acquainted to Squeak for the first time. 

> Which package are you installing? 
The package from www.squeak.org.

> Are you installing the package that 
> comes with your Linux distribution?
Are there already such distributions? I wonder why SuSE does not have 
integrated Squeak yet.

> I shall investigate this issue further and raise a bug report if there
> are problems.
As you said, there is a bug report already done in March this year. I did 
several bug reports last year. But I cannot see any changes. 

Regards Heiko

Heiko Schroeder
Praha, Ceska Republica

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