[Newbies] FillInTheBlankMorph

Chris Cunnington cunnington at sympatico.ca
Tue Dec 11 03:57:36 UTC 2007

 > in WAComponent class>>registerAsAuthenticatedApplication:, we see
> SeasidePlatformSupport request:
>  'Please choose a username for\the application ' withCRs ,
>   aString printString.
> From there, you can see that SeasidePlatformClass requestor eventually
> finds either a UIManager or FillInTheBlank class.

Pretty cool. Pretty cool. I see that the the Seaside-Platform class category
is for relating Seaside to the underlying Smalltalk OS, which in this case
is Squeak. FillInTheBlankMorph, when called openInWorld, is a whole lot of
nothing. Just a blank pallet. I guess something is adding the text field and
the buttons. 

> Explore downward from "WADispatcher default", and you'll see under
> "entryPoints", "config", "configuration", "values" a dictionary with "login"
> and "password".  I'm sure there's a way to do this "properly" as well.

This explains it. I'm very pleased to understand this. I thought the
Explorer was totally useless. I just didn't get it. It seems that instances
are invisible, and stay invisible. The only way you can "see" an instance is
with the Inspector or Explorer. You see, I thought that storing data in the
image meant that the image would WRITE IT OUT in a class method somewhere. I
thought it would produce a string that I could find with Command+Shift+E.
Frankly, I think I'm only starting to grok what an instance, object, and
class are. Oh, and I used to think morphs were stupid and waste of my time.


"Blood and souls for my Lord Arioch!"

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