[Newbies] Mophic scripts tiles vs textual code

David H. Shanabrook dhshanab at acad.umass.edu
Sun Jun 3 17:50:53 UTC 2007


I am writing some simple morphic scripts.  It would be convenient to  
use smalltalk directly, so I toggle the script to directly enter the  
code.  But I am having problems, as it is not working.  If I uses  
tiles to create a script and then toggle over to text mode, the  
script looks like this for script "showa":

	self setX: PolyZb getX.
	self setY: PolyZb getY.
	self setHeading: PolyZb getHeading.
	PolyZb hide.
	self show

I think when I type the script in directly it doesn't know how to  
reference PolyZb (a polygon object I created).  Any help?  How does  
this translation between morph object's name and the internal  
SmallTalk name happen?


David H. Shanabrook
dhshanab at acad.umass.edu
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On 21 May 2007, at 07:12, Michael van der Gulik wrote:

>> Michael van der Gulik kirjoitti 20.5.2007 kello 13.25:
>>> Antero Salminen wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> dbl-click program icon and no action.
>>>> in intelmac , only some VM? no ide?
>>>> I have no printer, but ...
>>> Hello again Antero :-).
>>> What is your native language? Finnish?
>>> There's a lot of documentation on http://www.squeak.org/  
>>> Documentation. Many of the books there are still valid.
>>> When you start up Squeak, normally you get a few windows on your   
>>> screen with information about the "image" you're using. All of   
>>> Squeak can be accessed from that - including the IDE. Is this  
>>> what  you're seeing? Try clicking on the background.
>>> Michael.
>> Antero Salminen wrote: Hi,
>> thanks.
>> Any examples from databases. Where to dig. ?
> I would use Google; use "site:wiki.squeak.org" or  
> "site:lists.squeakfoundation.org" in your queries and look for the  
> keywords: "Magma", "GOODS", "MySQL", "PostgreSQL", "ODBC", "SQL" etc.
> However, I'd learn to walk before you start running! Spend some  
> time learning how to program in Squeak before trying to do  
> complicated things like accessing databases.
> Michael.
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