[Newbies] how do I get Seaside up on my Squeak?

Giovanni Corriga giovanni at corriga.net
Thu Oct 11 07:18:09 UTC 2007

Il giorno mer, 10/10/2007 alle 23.59 -0700, Alistair Cockburn ha
> It seems none of the tutorials start far enough at the back for me... 
> Lukas Renggli wrote me: 
> <<
> I suggest that you start with the Squeak-Dev image of Damien.
>     http://damien.cassou.free.fr/squeak-dev/
> Open -> Universe Browser -> Web Development -> Seaside
> After evaluating "WAKom startOn: 8080" you should have running  
> Seaside on "http://localhost:8080/seaside".
> >>
> I downloaded the file 
>         sq3.9-7067dev07.10.1.zip
> from that site and unpacked it. 
> The package contains no "squeak.exe", only the image and the changes.
> So I downloaded
>         Squeak3.9-win32.zip
> from somewhere else I found, and it contains a "squeak.exe"
> I can open the .exe file, but I don't know how to get it to use Damien's
> image. 
> Actually, I can't follow Lukas' next instructions, because I have no idea
> what
>     Open -> Universe Browser -> Web Development -> Seaside
> means. Are those classes inside Damien's image? or subdirectories somewhere
> I can't find? or totally-obvious-to-someone-else shortcut descriptions of
> commands?
> I hope someone has the patience to help me through this. 
> p.s. I'm running Windows XP

Hi Alistair,

the easiest thing is to copy the squeak.exe and the SqueakFFIPrims.dll
files in the same folder as Damien's image. Then drag and drop
the .image file over squeak.exe. This should be enough to run the image
(I'm on Linux, so I can't check).

Once the image is running, it will show you the Squeak desktop window.
There's also an option for running the image "headless", so don't worry
about it if you're planning to run that image on a server.

Damien's image will show up with two Morphic windows already open: the
Script Manager and the Preferences Browser. Close them by left-clicking
on the 'X' button or minimize them by left-clicking on the 'O' button.

Once you've cleared the desktop, left-click anywhere on it to bring up
the main menu. From there, select "Open..."->"Universe Browser". Once
the universe browser window is open, select "Web Development" and the
select the Seaside version you want to install (for example, Seaside
2.7.227). Click on the "Select package" button to select it for
installation, the click on the "Install selections button" at the bottom
of the window.

Once the system has finished loading, you will have a working Seaside



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