How to pick any image format and convert to Morph (was Re: [Newbies] A question of Squeak)

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at
Wed Oct 24 13:34:39 UTC 2007

El 10/23/07 6:31 PM, "luisalejan1308" <luisalejan1308 at> escribió:

> Hello!!!! If you remember I talked to you about the extension "Frm", Frm is
> the necessary extent to pass one imagen to squeak and only I found the
> extention of PNG, so that process is wrong. I want that a robot looks like
> image that I import as FRM extention, but I used the all images on PNG
> extention. (Because the Squeak Book says that It needs a image in FRM
> Extention to use in the program with robots). How can I convert the  formats
> images???    
> If you can help us to say how can I solve that problem!!! I would thank
> you!! 

| aDir oldDir menu |
aDir := FileList2 modalFolderSelector "Select the directory with your
favourite graphics files".
oldDir := FileDirectory default. "Saving for later return to default"
FileDirectory setDefaultDirectory: aDir pathName.
menu :=TheWorldMenu new.
menu adaptToWorld: World.
menu readMorphFromAFile. "Here I advise you must follow with debugIt, you
are rewarded with deep secrets on how Squeak do things "
FileDirectory setDefaultDirectory: oldDir pathName

Hope this helps and show 3dot10 release team care of all you.


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