[Newbies] TextAttributes in OBDefinitions

Matthew Fulmer tapplek at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 00:45:25 UTC 2007

On Thu, Sep 27, 2007 at 02:13:17AM +0200, Robert Krahn wrote:
> Hello Squeakers,
> I am trying to add TextAttributes to the text which is shown in the  
> definition panel of OBBrowsers. My attempt to add TextAttributes to  
> the results of #text methods of OBNodes had no effect.
> E.g. I changed OBUPackageVersionNode>>text to:
> 	^ package longDescription asText allBold
> and expected to read the details of package versions in bold text.  
> But nothing changed.

You are probably doing this correctly, but something higher up
is turning it into a String. The way I debug this is:

1. Open an instance of a window that makes the call
2. Minimize it
3. Place a self halt in the method you want to trace.
4. Unminimize the window

If you put a halt in while the window is active, you are likely
to get an endless stream of debuggers until you minimize the
window again

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