[Newbies] Developer initials in SqueakMap versus SqueakSource versus my image

Ben Goetter goetter at mazama.net
Sun Feb 3 21:30:40 UTC 2008


I'm starting a Squeak-based project.  Per directions on the wiki and 
elsewhere, I created an account on SqueakMap.  As my initials have 
already been claimed by another user, I used my surname (7 letters) as a 
userid, setting the developer initials in my image to the same value.  
Then I attempted to create a parallel account on SqueakSource.  On 
SqueakSource, however, there is a 5-character limit (enforced in the 
site's registration form) on a member's initials.

So I ask:

- Is it important that SqueakSource initials match those in my image and 
on SqueakMap?
- If so, should I delete my SqueakMap account and start over there with 
a shorter nick?
- Or should I ask the SqueakSource admins to increase the size of the 
initials field?
- Does my choice of "initials" on either matter at all?

Thanks for any advice,

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